My 1970 Volkswagon Karmann Ghia Convertible

She's been in the family since the early 70's. We are the second owners. She was hit pretty badly back in 1974 or so in Berkely, right in front of my Dad's Full Service Shell station. He bought it on the spot, took it to Mexico for a quick Bondo fix and a cheap paint job and gave it to me when I was old enough to drive. She then sat neglected under a tarp for a few years, which I soon found out (the hard way $$) is not good! Rain, moisture, tarps - all B-A-D! Now she is being restored! The paint and body are finally done after five years of waiting. I have a few interior things to do, such as the rear seat re-build. She also needs a whole new top.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Original pictures

I don't have many original pictures to post - that was during the pre-digital camera days. I'll try to post some as I dig them up in my archives. I do have some shots I took before she went in to the body shop.

This is the rear luggage area. See the big hole that rusted through? This is where the rear window constantlly dripped when it rained.

All original interior, excluding the Clarion pull out cassette stereo and the 'Warp Drive' switch - options added in the 80's.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Looking for parts

Hi, thanks for checking out my convertible Karmann Ghia blog. I'm looking for a few parts. I've posted pics of  the original parts here. Please let me know if you have NOS, know where to get NOS, or have good looking old parts, or anything!!!!

This trim set goes on the side of the car, next to the door, below the convertible top. And the squarish one goes on the door pillar. Mine are in decent shape but have overspray from an old paint job. See the picture inserted below for their location.

This is a hinge cover, goes in the rear next to the seat. It covers the top hinges. I need both. My originals work, but obviously look a bit worn.
This is the plastic thingy on the hinge cover that holds my rear seat back up, I think. I need a pair.

I am also looking for stock seatbelts, original hubcaps in awesome condition (4 lug wheels), and a spare tire. Do you have 4 lug Mangel chrome wheels? Let me know!

I think that there is a piece of vinyl trim that goes here, on the window frame. I don't have it. Do you know about it? Please send me info.
 This is a reproduction turn signal, passenger side. I'm looking for an OEM Hella in excellent condition. My driver's side is nice. For some reason my turn signals don't work either. They did for a few days....but then stopped. Ohhhh, on that note, I'm looking for original fuses and a fuse box cover. The fuse box is located in the cockpit of the car, above your knees. What a neat location!